Medieval Dynasty Wisent Location Guide

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Medieval Dynasty contains some of the fiercest creatures in the wild, including the Wisent. But if players manage to hunt it, it may provide some valuable items.

A Wisent in Medieval Dynasty can give an average of three leather, four fur, and six meat. And these are all useful because of the game’s survival/simulation nature.

The good thing is, we will let you know where you can find Wisents in Medieval Dynasty. Just browse through this article to find out more!


Medieval Dynasty Wisent Location

Wisents could be seen in various locations in Medieval Dynasty. One of which could be seen in Hornica, where a handful of those is available.

You can also visit the far southeastern part of Lesnica. It is on the other side of the river on the map. Although do not expect a big number of Wisents because they can be considered as rare creatures in the game.


How to Hunt Wisents in Medieval Dynasty

Since Wisents are fierce in nature, they can be hard to kill. But the most recommended weapons you can use to hunt them down are long-ranged weapons such as arrows or spears.

It is best to kill them by aiming headshots. This way, their aggression could be silenced easily. Using iron arrows can increase the chance of one-shot kills.

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