Medieval Dynasty Fox Location Guide

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Medieval Dynasty is filled with animals that you can hunt in order to survive in the game. It includes the foxes which could be considered as a common animal because of their large number in the wild.

Foxes are known to give meat when you successfully hunt them. Of course, food is one of the most important resources not just in Medieval Dynasty, but also in real life.

So, browse through this guide to know all the fox locations in Medieval Dynasty.

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Medieval Dynasty Fox Location

Foxes are scattered in Medieval Dynasty. But we may consider this as a good thing because it would be easier to find and eventually hunt those down.

Some of the most notable fox locations in the game include the northern parts of Rolnica, Denica, and Jezzerica.

You may also look for foxes in the northwestern part of Hornica, as well as the southwestern and southeastern parts of Gostovia.

How to Hunt Foxes in Medieval Dynasty

You can use spears or arrows to hunt down foxes in Medieval Dynasty. With the foxes being smaller compared to the other animals, they could move really fast. So, it is best to aim silently from a distance, and one spear or arrow can kill a fox immediately.

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