Medieval Dynasty Cave Locations Guide

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Medieval Dynasty was initially released last September 2020 for the Windows/PC platform. It is some sort of a mix of survival and life simulation game set in a first-person adventure mode.

One of the game’s most common areas would be the caves. There are five of these in the game where players can go as they navigate the entire vicinity of Medieval Dynasty.


With that being said, here are all the cave locations in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty Cave Locations

There are five caves in Medieval Dynasty.


There is one cave located at the map’s lower part. You can find it on the far southwestern part of Gostovia, or on the far northwestern part of Hornica. Another cave can also be found in the eastern part of Hornica.

There is another one in the southeastern part of Lesnica. While the fourth cave could be seen in the northern part of Branica and Baranica.

Finally, the fifth cave is placed in the northeastern part of Jezerica. Follow us for more game guides and articles that could help you navigate in Medieval Dynasty!

We've marked all the cave locations on the interactive Mapgenie map just above.


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