Medieval Dynasty Buck Spawn Locations Map Guide

Bucks are the male counterparts of does. Indeed, the male deer is also present in Medieval Dynasty, and could be hunted down to provide some of the most useful items in the game.

Visually, there are differences between bucks and does. But you may almost see them in Medieval Dynasty located in almost the same places.

With that being said, here are all the buck locations in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty Buck Locations

In Medieval Dynasty, there are roughly 8 different spawn locations where you can hunt bucks. There is one at the northern part of Branica, as well as another in the northern part of Borowo.

Bucks can also be seen in the eastern and southern parts of Gostovia, the far eastern part of Hornica, the southeastern part of Denica, the southern part of Lesnica, and the southern part of Jezzerica.

How to Hunt Bucks in Medieval Dynasty

Just like how you hunt most animals in Medieval Dynasty, spears and arrows could be useful to take down bucks in the game. Their fast nature could be a factor for them to escape, so it is best to aim silently and strike at the right time.

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