Medieval Dynasty Boar Locations Guide

In Medieval Dynasty, animals are rampant within the game areas. One of these is the boar which could be quite aggressive to humans and other animals as well.

But you will surely benefit from hunting down those boars. They can provide some vital items, primarily the meat that you can eat for a couple of days.

With that being said, here are all the boar locations in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty Boar Locations

Boars can be found in the majority of the forests in Medieval Dynasty. You may look for boars even if you are just walking in forests near villages.

One notable location where you can easily find boars is in the northern part of Gostovia. A handful of boars could be seen here, but you need to be careful when to strike them down.

How to Hunt Boars in Medieval Dynasty

The best weapon to kill boars in Medieval Dynasty is the spear. You can press the Ctrl key to silently throw a spear to a boar which can eventually take it down. But it also advisable to attack once more to make sure that you got the boar which will lead to the items you may get, especially the boar meat.

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