New Mass Effect Poster Teases the Future of the Series

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Bioware has recently confirmed that the next Mass Effect game is currently in development. This announcement is a slight surprise given how the last Mass Effect entry, Andromeda, didn't exactly go down well with fans or critics. That said, we doubt even Andromeda could have killed such a well-loved series such as Mass Effect, and clearly, fans are over the moon with excitement at the possibility of a new Mass Effect entry.

Mass Effect: Series "Will Continue," Devs Working on Next Entry

As seen on the official Mass Effect Twitter post, the developers have confirmed that they're working on the Mass Effect game. This announcement was sent out during the N7Day anniversary festivities over the weekend.


While the announcement is uplifting, EA and Bioware didn't reveal too many details about the upcoming game beyond the message that Mass Effect "will continue".

That said, some fans have noticed that the crater's shape on the teaser poster looks like a Geth which have been a race of artificially intelligent robots who have been both allies and enemies of the Mass Effect protagonists at different points of the game. There is also what appears to be four characters leaving the ship which has landed on the crater.

For now, we'll have to wait for more information to know more about the next instalment of this series.