Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to kill the Krogan Battlemaster while saving Liara T'Soni

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Warning: Spoilers for Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Mass Effect 1

In the first Mass Effect game, players must save Liara T'Soni. To do that, the player will have to confront Geth and a Krogan Battlemaster who doesn't care if the area explodes. This is one of the most challenging fights in the game.

In the easy mode, they fall quickly, but the more challenging modes require strategy, and there is only one technique that works well. I tried this on Insanity 16 times before I found the strategy that worked. Watch your shots before we begin; if you shoot the Battlemaster before he's supposed to, he will move forward and ruin your game.

Screen shot of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The Krogan Battlemaster comes with friends.
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This dude refilled his health and shield completely twice when I fought him

Before you start the fight, make sure you have someone on your team who can tank, such as Wrex. Although the other team member can contribute, they're usually just cannon fodder.

To save Liara in Mass Effect, First, handle the Geth

As soon as the fight begins, move forward and behind the boxes. The enemies take only a second before shooting all at once, killing your teammates, or severely injuring them. Anyone who hesitates will die with their squadmates.

Screen shot of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The Geth are visible.
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Kill his henchmen

Take cover and kill the three Geth that roam the area; there are two white Geth and one red one. There will be two who don't try to move from cover on each side so you can kill them later. All these Geth should be taken out by snipers, as they're easy prey.

Now it's time for the cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater, the Krogan Battlemaster

When everyone is dead, the Krogan Battlemaster will advance. Run, just run as fast as you can to the sides. The squadmates will now act as decoys as you slowly chip away at the Krogan Battlemaster's health.

Screen shot of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The Krogan Battlemaster is coming.
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Go to the side and leave your squad mates as bait

There will be a weapon that you prefer to use and has the highest damage, DO NOT USE IT. Chipping the health too quickly will cause the Krogan Battlemaster to charge and unfairly kill you. Instead, use the second-best weapon to chip Krogan's health down to almost dead territory, just like in Pokemon.

The final shots must be decisive for this Mass Effect Legendary Edition Boss Battle

It would be best if you did this as you run around the map; otherwise, the Krogan Battlemaster will corner you, and you'll lose. Once his health is low enough, refill your own health to the highest level. This way, as you leave yourself open and shoot him with your best weapon, you won't die too quickly.


If you get him almost dead and then kill him; he will automatically regenerate health like a cheater. You must give big powerful shots. The weaker ones won't work because he can refill both his life and shield at once.

Screenshot of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The Korgan Battlemaster is almost dead.
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Just a few good shots.

That's right, the Krogan Battlemaster has 'HP full restore' and will abuse it unless you can give a powerful super shot. If you give him the best shots when he's almost dead, he'll be doomed for good.

Proceed to teabag him. It's necessary.

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