Mass Effect Legendary Edition Day One Patch Confirmed, Coming In At 11.8GB

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For many, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been a long time coming. Having seen endless rumours about an official trilogy remaster until November's formal release, Bioware's sci-fi RPG franchise is finally back. As is customary for game launches these days, that includes a day one update.

Arriving on May 14, this update was spotted several days back on the PlayStation servers, details of which have since leaked. That'll include performance tweaks, several lighting improvements, and a group of unidentified "miscellaneous tweaks".


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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Day One Patch Confirmed, Coming In At 11.8GB

Calling this Update 1.01, that'll take up 11.8GB of space, and here's the full patch notes on what to expect.

  • Improves performance
  • Improves stability and fixes crashes
  • Improvements to Ambient Occlusion (AO)
  • Lighting improvements – both visual and performance-related
  • Miscellaneous content fixes

It follows previous news of Mass Effect Legendary Edition's performance specs, which EA and BioWare recently outlined on a blog post. While many weren't especially fond of 2017's Andromeda, Legendary Edition is shaping up nicely, making a nice jumping in point before the (currently untitled) next entry arrives.

It's not the only patch you'll need to download once you start the game either.

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