BioWare Veteran Confirms They Prototyped A Mass Effect DS Spin-Off

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Mark Darrah has revealed that BioWare previously worked on a Nintendo DS Mass Effect spin-off. While Mass Effect has mostly missed appearing on Nintendo consoles - 3: Special Edition being an unusual exception on Wii U - Darrah confirmed they wanted to create an original adventure.

Called Mass Effect: Corsair, this cancelled project was detailed in a recent interview with MinnMax. Darrah advised this would've been a first-person space-travelling game, where players fly their ship towards the Galaxy's more lawless and lesser travelled regions, completing assignments like selling intel to Alliance, or gathering materials.

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BioWare Veteran Confirms They Prototyped Mass Effect DS Spin-Off

While we wouldn't have gone bounty hunting, Darrah revealed combat had been considered. As for the protagonist, this would've been a more independent character, advising they wouldn't have been a Spectre. You can watch the full interview below.


As to why this project was cancelled, Darrah said it's because the economics of the Nintendo DS platform were "terrible". Advising it'd cost $10.50 for each printed cartridge, they abandoned the project after projecting they'd only sell around 50k copies. Instead, Corsair's team went onto mobile entry Mass Effect: Infiltrator.