Is Thanos in the new Guardians of the Galaxy game

Thanos is sure to come to mind when you think of a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Each of the Guardians has been affected by Thanos in some way. Therefore, Square Enix needs to answer the question: will Thanos be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy game?

According to our research, Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy will definitely have a place for Thanos. It does not necessarily mean he will actually appear, but he is indirectly included in the game. As we clarify below, he is basically what sets up the story for the game but is not confirmed as an enemy to face.

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Will Thanos appear in the new Guardians of the Galaxy game?

Thanos is the father of Gamora, and his war caused Peter Quill to be kidnapped and Drax's family to be killed. As friends of those affected by Thanos, Rocket, and Groot are also involved. As a result, Thanos will most likely be mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy quite often.

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This game takes place 12 years after the original Galactic War, and now the heroes are just trying to make a lot of money. In other words, as of now, Thanos is nothing more than a backstory to build up the real enemy. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Lady Hellbender seems to be the main antagonist.

At E3, the guardians are seen walking towards Lady Hellbender's fortress. We know that shortly after this, the guardians give Lady Hellbender a far too powerful monster, so it's likely to be the first level or a tutorial. In an interview with game developers at Eidos Montreal for Game Informer:

"The Task seemed simple: Secure a small tentacled monstrosity and deliver it to a person of questionable character. What could go wrong? Unbeknownst to the Guardians, that little beastie they nabbed ended up having a hell of an appetite, and it continues to grow in size and might. It's poised to destroy the galaxy… and perhaps even the universe. Thanos tried to wipe away half of all life a snap of his fingers, but that dark deed may be dealt inadvertently by a team of squabbling drifters. They now need to fix their mistake, but how are they going to stop an alien entity with god-like capabilities?"

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Screenshot for Guardians of the Galaxy game
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This may be that tentacle monster

It sounds like the big baddie will be a tentacle monster rather than Thanos, based on the description Game Informer gives. In addition, the picture above might just be the monster that the Guardians released.

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