DC Universe Online's Developer Is Making a Marvel MMO

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Following the cancellation of an unannounced Marvel MMO back in 2018, DC Universe Online creator's Dimensional Ink Studios is stepping up. According to recent reports, they're now developing their own version of this project.

As per Eurogamer, an investor presentation from their mother company Enad Global 7 (EG7) mentioned that the studio is working on a "Marvel IP based massively multiplayer online game." That's listed as a "long-term" project of Dimensional Ink, meaning it'll likely be a couple of years before it formally launches.

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DC Universe Online's Developer Is Making a Marvel MMO

The news, as well as the public presentation of EG7, was tweeted by Twitch streamer Miller wherein he said:

"EG7 (DCUO/Everquest devs' parent company) released their Q3 '21 financials, and confirmed the unannounced AAA Marvel MMO that appeared in the GeForce Now leak and which had previously been cancelled in 2018 as the studio faced financial hardships has officially been REVIVED!!"

This game will be spearheaded by Jack Emmert, co-founder of Cryptic Studios who developed Marvel Universe Online back in 2006. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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