22 Jun 2021 7:55 AM +00:00

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Game Releases New Character Posters

Since Square Enix and Eidos Montreal announced the Guardians of the Galaxy Game, fans have been craving more. The Twitter account @GOTGTheGame has provided an exciting way. The account tweeted several photos of the Guardians as if they were movie posters.

I was surprised at how cool these poses were. A lot of companies would be content with the name Guardians of the Galaxy and basic idle poses. I think these describe the characters well, and I like them.

New Guardians of the Galaxy Game Posters

The new posters show the Guardians armed with some of their signature weapons ahead of their upcoming battles with alien monsters and villains in the upcoming games. Moreover, it gives a closer look at the new versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, which might be an excellent way to familiarize players with their latest designs. Eidos Montreal put a great deal of effort into doing justice to the comic book versions of these characters with these posters.

It seems that some fans have already begun taking an interest in these images, with the most engagement going to the Groot image. It makes sense, given that Groot has been given a complete overhaul over his MCU counterpart in Guardians of the Galaxy, which adds quite a bit of personality to what is already a fan favorite. Each of these close-ups highlights each character and their personality. It's an ingenious way to get fans of each character on board.


Initially, I was apprehensive about the combat and single-player focus of the new game, but even I can see that Eidos Montreal knows what they're doing. Their character designs have stayed pretty true to the comics, and even Marvel gave their approval. Those who are already against the game should give it a second chance.

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