Netherrealm’s Ed Boon teases possible Marvel Vs Mortal Kombat game

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Netherrealm Studio creative director Ed Boon is known for famously teasing fighting game fans on Twitter, but some of his latest tweets are referencing a possible Marvel vs Mortal Kombat fighting game.

For those who don't recall, earlier this year Longtime leaker Daniel Richtman noted that the famous fighting game developer could be working on a Marvel title (as spotted by our sister site Stealth Optional).


It was reported at the time that the game was in production and would continue Marvel's recent spate of partnering their famous characters with talented developers. We've seen this in recent years with Insomniac working on Marvel Spiderman games and Crystal Dynamics on the more recent Marvel's Avengers game.

Now Boon has started outright teasing a crossover, specifically mentioning a NetherRealm Marvel game. Albeit, jokingly.

"Inspiration for our upcoming 'Marvel v Mortal Kombat' game," said Boon on Twitter. Accompanying the message was a live-action fight scene between Marvel's Spider-Man and Mortal Kombat's Jax. You can see it all for yourself just below.


Although Boon has plenty of form of teasing character reveals in the past, he's also teased red herrings and silliness too.

For now, we'd file this story under pure speculation for the time being, along with a dump truck worth of salt for good measure.