Marvel Realm of Champions Adds War Thor

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Kabam's Marvel: Realm of Champions just got another sizeable update and this time it adds a new version of Thor.

'War Thor' may sound like a city in Poland, but this version of the character offers Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, two iconic weapons.

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Marvel Realm of Champions Adds War Thor

Check out the Asgardian in action below:


As per the game's website:


Mjolnir transforms Thor into an engage-focused front-line bruiser designed to initiate and disrupt team fights, sparking your teammates to follow up for tons of damage.

Stormbreaker, on the other hand, turns Thor into a damage-focused character.

It's not just the God of Thunder's new setup that's arriving, though.

Showdown, a new PvE mode will introduce a 3v1 co-op mode that'll have players battling Skaar and Baron of the Gamma Horde.

The game's gear levels are also being revamped, and a new Summoner's Journey campaign for single-player progression is arriving, alongside a suite of new quality of life improvements.