Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Will Have MCU Outfits

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy was not a well-known comic book property. Currently, most people are aware of the Guardians via the MCU. While it is refreshing to see them more faithful to their comic counterparts, it is not the way many fans see them.

It was important for Eidos Montreal to provide a way for fans of all kinds to be satisfied. Accordingly, Eidos Montreal has determined that MCU outfits will be available for everyone. As opposed to Crystal Dynamics, the company's sister company who took nearly a year to design costumes for MCUs.


Guardians of the Galaxy game will give players MCU skins for free

The new Guardians of the Galaxy look has been revealed, and there is good news for Marvel fans anxious to play it. The game will feature MCU and comic book accurate costumes. A recent interview with Gamereactor revealed that Eidos Montreal's senior narrative director, Mary de Marle, has confirmed this.

In addition to references from the comics and movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy game contains many surprises. Several of them can be seen in the costumes worn by the characters. Skins and outfits will be available in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but none will be pay-to-access. By exploring the world, players will be able to obtain everything.

There will be plenty of options for comic book fans and film fans in the upcoming game, said Mary de Marle, senior narrative director of Eidos Montreal.


To quote Mary De Marle:

"I think we have around 39 different outfits that are in the game, and they are inspired by everything, from the movies to the comics, so you'll find some very classic outfits. It's all cosmetics, so they don't affect the abilities or how anyone plays."

We know that this will be free to any player who buys the game since the developers have promised there will be no DLC or Microtransactions. Players will therefore be able to experience everything when it launches on October 26.