Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Gone Gold, Eidos Montreal Announces

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Square Enix is gearing up to release Guardians of the Galaxy, next month's upcoming videogame adaptation of the famed Marvel comic book. Though previously rumoured, it was a surprise for many when the game was announced at E3 2021, scheduled to release later this year.

Now, with more than a month away from launch, development is beginning to wrap up. Developer, Eidos Montreal has revealed that their adaption on the Marvel property has gone gold, the term given to video games when the product is ready for mass production.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Gone Gold, Eidos Montreal Announces

The team celebrated the news on Twitter by showcasing a dancing Cosmo The SpaceDog:

With the adaption launching soon, that now gives the team time to polish any bugs or glitches for a Day 1 patch or beyond. Guardians of the Galaxy also recently revealed a new trailer during PlayStation Showcase, in addition to teasing the varied backgrounds of its title characters.

These loveable heroes aren't the only ones receiving their own game, with a flurry of Marvel news making airwaves in the last few weeks. That's including announcements for Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine.

Alongside a more detailed look at Midnight Suns, Marvel's Avengers continues to support its fanbase, having recently released its big Black Panther-focused War For Wakanda expansion.

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