Every New MARVEL Future Revolution Detail Revealed at Marvel Live

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Yesterday, four key members of the Marvel Future Revolution development team hosted a virtual showcase for the upcoming mobile game. Throughout the 44-minute stream, plenty of new details were revealed, player questions were answered, and we got our first real look at some gameplay. Here's a recap for those who couldn't be there.

Spider-Man Gameplay


Toward the end of the show at around the 30-minute mark, player votes were counted and Spider-Man emerged victorious as the hero to lead the gameplay reveal.

By playing through one of the starting missions, we got our first live gameplay presentation of MARVEL Future War, showing the web-slinger running around the city beating up hydra baddies and delivering a decisive beatdown to the Green Goblin before the symbiote turns him into the Red Goblin.

For a gameplay montage, check out this video.

How Travel Works in Marvel Future Revolution

Being an open-world game, getting from point A-B is a big question. Marvel Future Revolution lets you be a superhero in every respect, though.

If you thought you'd need to zone into areas just because this game is on mobile, you haven't been paying attention to the other open-world adventures that have released in recent years.

Simply put, if your character can fly, they can fly. If you just want to walk on foot, you can probably go that too (unless a big object gets in your way).

The dev team also mentioned there are "tons of other "gamey" traversing methods" but we'll have to wait and see to hear more about those.

Will There Be Skill Trees or Paths for Characters?

One question that was fronted to the developers during the livestream asked whether MARVEL Future Revolution characters would use skill paths to flesh out their roles in combat.

They will. Although there was no specific mention of an enemy aggro mechanic like in traditional MMORPGs, the developers outlined that characters can spec into tank, single-target, AoE, support, and crowd-control skillsets. One example was Spider-Man's Trickster build.

Post-Launch Heroes in MARVEL Future War

Although the game will only launch with eight playable characters, it has been confirmed that more will come over time. Specific heroes weren't named, but as a story-driven game, additional character unlocks will likely come as the storyline progresses to introduce them.


How Gear Works in MARVEL Future Revolution

During the livesteam, it was announced that each of the eight playable characters in MARVEL Future Revolution will have access to 400 million costume combinations; either through mixing and matching different 4-piece sets, or presumably changing the color of them as well.

What isn't clear just yet is whether the outfits affect a hero's stats in battle or whether they're purely cosmetic in this sense.

When asked about how easy gear unlocks would be, director Danny Cho said he believes they won't be hard at all and should come naturally as you play the "Epic Quest" single-player story missions.

All MARVEL Future Revolution Modes at Launch


Outside of the single-player campaign, Blitz allows four players to team up against supervillains like Kingpin and Thanos.

Special Operations sound like traditional co-op dungeon scenarios in which you'll defend locations and rescue civilians in need of help.

Raid is a team-based activity that pits superheroes against super-powered beasts.

Duel is a 1v1 PvP modes where player levels are equalized to make skill the only real deciding factor.

Omega War then pits two teams of 10 superheroes against one another for another PvP-based activity.

Lastly, there's the 50-player Dark Mode PvPvE mode that's basically a free-for-all against bosses and players alike.