5 new updates and DLC coming to Marvel's Avengers

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It's still not over with DLC for Marvel's Avengers; Square Enix will release more during the rest of the year. Players can pick up a copy of the game at many stores for a discount, and they can try it out for themselves. If they wait, they will miss out on these five exciting DLC and Update releases coming soon.

Red Room Takeover

Promo Image for Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover. Ms. Marvel kicks a figure
Red is cooler

The HARM room is scheduled to be changed entirely for this new update. HARM Room is proving effective at providing some fun without having to head out on a mission. Now things will change in the "Red Room Takeover."

Red Room Takeover is scheduled to launch in Marvel's Avengers in two days. The HARM Room will have a new red look, thanks to Yelena Belova. The Avengers have to complete Belova's challenges in this Black Widow DLC.

Omega-Level Threats

Marvel's Avengers promo picture. Iron man attacks a bad guy while the other avengers save the day.
It will come... Eventually

Omega-Level Threats are supposed to make the game much harder. One Omega-Level mission, called Resolution, focuses on a heightened battle with the Super Adaptoid from Kate Bishop's story. The other is the Cloning Labs mission that has been on the back burner for months.

Cloning Labs offers players a chance to fight Abomination clones and obtain unique gear. It is unclear when this Marvel's Avengers DLC will be released, so players will have to wait and see.


Spider-Man is in front of a Marvel's Avengers logo
Spidey is coming

PlayStation fans have been anticipating Spider-Man as an exclusive DLC character for months. The only thing we know about this Spider-Man is that he is not the same Spider-Man from the Insomniac games but rather a new character for Crystal Dynamics' universe. As of now, there is no timeframe for his release other than 2021.

Cosmic Cube

Marvel's Avengers promo for Cosmic Cube. Woman on left and cube on right/
It looks promising

The Maestro came in as a new villain for players to fight against, but these new updates are starting to feel very small. Many fans have complained to Square Enix that they need to do more to make the updates feel huge. Marvel's Avengers has the perfect DLC to fix this and will introduce one of their more respected villains, Scientist Supreme.


Scientist Supreme, aka Monica Rappaccini, is supposed to bring in a ton of new content with the Cosmic Cube DLC. Old man Hawkeye and Hank Pym join forces with the Avengers to battle this new threat. This DLC will also include a new Scientist Supreme mission and the return of the Frozen Tundra biome map, which hasn't gotten the content to keep players interested in it.

Black Panther: War For Wakanda

Marvel's Avengers promo for War for Wakanda. Black Panther is looking cool in front of a forest.
RIP Chadwick Boseman

That makes it perhaps the biggest DLC release for Marvel's Avengers to date. The Black Panther himself will be playable, along with new skins for existing heroes. A Power Level increase of over 150 will also take place.


My favorite part of this is that AIM will not be the bad guys. In addition to this new enemy faction, the entire mission will take place in a Wakanda Biome. Klaw is the villain, and you will be able to investigate new outposts. War for Wakanda was actually called an expansion instead of a new operation, indicating it will be a big deal for the game.