Spider-Man Miles Morales Glitch Turns Hero Into A Brick, A Bin, and More

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales is out now for PS4 and PS5, and while it's not been entirely smooth sailing (don't put your PS5 in rest mode with the game running, folks), it's been widely regarded as just as much a polished experience as the 2018 title.

Thankfully, there's still some room for comical glitches, with one turning Miles into a variety of inanimate objects depending on what he happens to be stood near.


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Spider-Man Miles Morales Glitch Turns Hero Into A Brick

Check it out in the tweet below, which shows our hero turning into a bin and still managing to swing through the air.

Stumbled upon this glitch while playing Spider-Man. I present you, Spider-Trash! #PS5#MarvelsSpiderManMilesMoralespic.twitter.com/8ioJ01bDUn
— Bryan (@bryanwassd)
November 16, 2020

We're particularly fond of this Reddit post which shows Miles turning into a toolbox on wheels and beating up a bunch of bad guys.

Gotta love the glitches that come with a new system

Of course, these glitches are likely to be ironed out soon, and it looks as though they only appear on the PlayStation 5 system for now.


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