Spider-Man Miles Morales: Postcard Locations For PS4 & PS5 Players

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales launches alongside the PlayStation 5.

The successor to the fantastic PS4 Spider-Man title appears to be the preferred PS5 launch title.


Similar to the previous title, there is an ample amount of collectibles within the game.

One that players are trying to find since the game releases are Postcards.

Here are the locations of all of them within Spider-Man Miles Morales! 




This collectible item will only unlock once you complete the main story of Miles Morales.

You can trigger this by going back to Mile's room and lay on his bed.

This will begin the hunt for all the postcards!


In total, there are seven postcards around the map, and you should not have issues finding these. 

This set of collectibles is actually a massive scavenger hunt, as when you find each postcard you will then be given a clue as to where the next one is. 

PowerPyx has posted an informative YouTube video noting the locations of all of these postcards.

Check it out below, along with the time codes for each postcard beneath the video! 

  • #1 - Postcard #1 - Side Mission: Memory Lane - 0:00
  • #2 - Postcard #2 - Upper West Side - 1:34
  • #3 - Postcard #3 - Midtown - 1:58
  • #4 - Postcard #4 - Greenwich - 2:18
  • #5 - Postcard #5 - Financial District - 2:47
  • #6 - Postcard #6 - Chinatown - 3:11
  • #7 - Postcard #7 - Upper East Side - 3:32
  • #8 - Postcard #8 - Harlem - 3:52

Best of luck finding all of these, and prepare for the sad ending to this mini-quest!