New Marvel's Avengers Update Introduces Challenging Endgame Trials

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The Marvel's Avengers roadmap keeps truckin' on, and the next stop on July 27 includes some high-level challenges in the Marvel's Avengers Omega Level Threat Family Reunion plus the permanent ability to play multiple of the same hero.

Crystal Dynamics recommends you be at the maximum power level of 150 for this Omega Level Threat mission, though it's possible to scrape by with a power level of 145.


The Family Reunion Threat adds new attacks for the Super Adaptoid and Attrition, Overshield, Meridian, and Supercharged modifiers. It also makes all the cinematics except the boss' introduction skippable.

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New Marvel's Avengers Update to Introduce Challenging Endgame Trials

For now, you'll get the highest-level gear once per week, per account, but Crystal Dynamics said the team is exploring the possibility of distributing the high-end gear on a per character basis sometime in the future.


·Omega Exotic Gear (Melee/Ranged)

  • ·Omega Exotic Gear (Defense/Heroic)
  • 1 Epic Cosmic themed Minor Artifact
  • ·25 Polychoron
  • ·50 Upgrade Modules

Subsequent Completion Rewards

  • 1 ISO-8
  • 10 Upgrade Modules

Multiplayer Hives are another addition in the 1.8.2 update, though solo players can still tackle them alone if they want, and Strike Team and matchmaking will now support multiple of the same hero permanently.

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[Source: Crystal Dynamics]