Marvel's Avengers: What Are The Harm Challenges? Full Challenge, How To and more!

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The beta for the highly anticipated Marvel's Avengers is available today for all players!

While the game offers a full single-player campaign, much of its longevity is built around multiplayer.


Although video games based on movies have not fared in the past, this one is gearing up to be one of the best in quite some time.

Now, there is a set of challenges that players are struggling to figure out.

Here are the Harm challenges!



The Harm

Some players have not been able to unlock or figure out what they need to do to complete this set of challenges. As the game itself has not told some players what they need to do complete them.

However, thanks to FireMonkey_ who is one of the most well know gaming leakers, we now know what the challenges are.

They noted the following: 

For those curious, the Harm challenges in the Avengers beta is to complete 10 waves of enemies 3 times Or atleast thats what it was for me
— 🎄 Santa Ricky 🎄 (@FireMonkey__)
August 8, 2020




So all players will need to do is make sure they survive 10 waves of enemies three times, which may be challenging at first.

However, we are sure you will be able to complete this!