Marvel's Avengers Studio Crystal Dynamics is opening a new branch in Austin, Texas

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Square Enix, the publisher of Marvel's Avengers, is growing its largest Western studio with another new location. Among the developers of Marvel's Avengers, Crystal Dynamics has started a new team based in Austin, Texas. Keeping with the naming scheme they usually use for studios, Crystal Dynamics calls this one Crystal Southwest. The studio will contribute to Crystal Dynamics' projects.

Dallas Dickinson oversees the studio as executive producer. Crystal Dynamics has employed Dickinson for just over two years. In the past, he worked for BioWare as a producer and director for more than six years. He then served as president and CEO of QCGames, an Austin-based studio until he was hired at Crystal Dynamics.


The company posted a Tweet, hoping to hire more developers for the new studio. The Twitter post's picture reads:

"Leading Crystal Southwest is Dallas Dickinson, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience developing triple-A games. The initial team in Austin, made up of Crystal Dynamics veterans, is already hard at work."

Despite Marvel's Avengers' lackluster reception, Square Enix still trusts Crystal Dynamics

Due to Marvel's Avengers, many were worried that Square Enix would stop trusting Crystal Dynamics with more games, but that wasn't the case. Despite being a best-selling game of 2020 in the United States, Avengers was widely criticized for what some say is poor quality. Square Enix continues to invest in games developed by Western studios, as evidenced by Crystal Dynamics' growth.


Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Crystal Dynamics opened its first branch in Washington state in 2018. They assisted with the development of Marvel's Avengers and will support Crystal's games for a long time to come. Similarly, Crystal Southwest will do so as well. As Square Enix is likely to indicate, Crystal Dynamics can create new games and produce content for Avengers.