Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover Adds New Challenges, Revamps XP

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Marvel’s Avengers Red Room Takeover event starts May 20, and Crystal Dynamics outlined some of what we can expect from the event, including how the rooms are set up and changes to the Champion system.

Red Room Takeover picks up where the Rooskaya Protocols leave off, starting May 20 and running through May 31.


The update doesn’t mention what the skins will be like or if they’ll be paid skins, though the event coincides with Hawkeye’s Endgame skin being added to the Marketplace.

One thing that will be added to the Marketplace is Hero’s Catalyst item, a new item that lets you earn more XP than usual. These will be free on occasion, and Crystal Dynamics is working on other ways to earn them

Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover

Here’s what to expect from the Red Room Takeover Event. It adds new mission chains plus "hacked HARM Rooms" for single-player challenges that scale from Power Level 1 to 120.


Agility and paying attention to surroundings will be key here, as each room is designed to test your stealth and evasion and has multiple instant-death hazards alongside the usual enemies.

Champion System Changes

The Red Room Takeover also introduces changes to the Champion System.

The level cap remains at 50. However, any XP earned at that point gets changed to Champion XP you can use to raise Champion Levels and earn points to unlock new Champion Skills.


These skills include damage augmenting, charge rate boosts, and higher chances of activating Perks, and they're permanent abilities.

[Source: Square Enix]