Marvel's Avengers players take to Reddit to voice issues with Red Room Takeover's techno lava

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Players have called for more challenging content in Marvel's Avengers, so "Red Room Takeover" has been released. Unfortunately, they used lava floors to increase the game's difficulty, causing some annoying game overs. The rest of the content is the same as always and enemies are simply sent at random.

It's really just a hoard mode where players have to kill all of the enemies on each level. There are some well-designed levels in this event, which cause the player to think and move quickly to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Other levels are designed only to frustrate, not to be challenging or intricate.


Players take to Reddit to complain about Marvel's Avengers version of 'The Floor is Lava'

Redditors have posted their experiences on Reddit to show that this event only creates annoying and undeserved game overs. A more strategic approach or more thought was hoped for when it came to combat. Instead, they had to be careful where they stood when they fought.

Several comments say just to pick Iron Man to avoid the lava floors. Not a single complaint has been made about the difficulty, and that one slip caused the game to end. Additionally, there is one character who will fall the most in Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover.


There have been at least two posts, and comments have been made on a third that point out using Hulk is challenging. This is because some of Hulk's attacks and moves send him forward or backward, which the player cannot control. Therefore, Hulk ends up in the techno lava in Marvel's Avengers Red Room more than any other character.

The next event should be more challenging than this one, but the event is excellent besides the random falling into lava. A large part of the appeal of the event is the level design and cinematic battles they create. This is what fans of Marvel's Avengers want to see more of in the future, more thoughtful battles, less random lava.