Marvel's Avengers MCU Skins Leaked, As Well As A Few Others

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Fresh from the early appearance of Hulk's Endgame outfit late last week, a series of MCU-inspired skins have leaked for Marvel's Avengers.

As shared by Avengers data miner Miller on Twitter, we've got looks at Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow in their MCU outfits. We've actually even got some non-MCU leaks, too, courtesy of various leakers and Twitter accounts.

The game's whole subreddit is also full of leaks, which are apparently being caused by a glitch in the game that causes random skins to show up when attempting the Mega Hive activity.


Will you be picking any up?

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Marvel's Avengers MCU Skins Leaked

Check out MCU Captain America in action below:

Then there's Ronin Hawkeye in his Endgame attire:


Check out Black Widow's MCU look below:

Check out this non-MCU Iron Man variant, too:

There's also this classic Cap look:


Hawkeye is getting a cowboy-inspired look or two, as well, it seems:

And maybe a cowboy Hulk too?

Finally, here's a new Kamala Khan variant.

For more on Avengers, check out the latest patch notes and this week's coolest (non-leaked) skin.

We've also rounded up everything you need to know about the game's next DLC character, Black Panther.

You can also snag the new Counter-Earth outfit for Hawkeye for free. Find out how here.