Marvel's Avengers: Where To Find All The Hulk Comic Books During The Campaign

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Marvel's Avengers is out now, and one of the ways in which Crystal Dynamics' superhero title pays reverence to each character's history is through collectable comics.

Here are all the Hulk comic locations we've found so far, with two we're yet to stumble across.

Marvel's Avengers: Where To Find Hulk Comics

Good news: most of these can be found in the Chimera, the Avengers base of operations that you'll come back to throughout the campaign.


Utah Badlands

Once you're onboard the Chimera, head to the Quinjet and look for a red toolbox nearby.

Interact with it to find a comic book.

Bruce Banner's Room

Look in Banner's quarters aboard the Chimera to find a comic book on his desk.

Quinjet Hangar (Again)

When you unlock Tony Stark, head back here to find a Hulk comic stashed in a chest.


Storage Room

When you find the storage room with Cap's shield in a glass case, you'll find a comic book next to it.

What do the comic books do?

Each comic offers a subtle boost to the hero's stats. For Hulk, here are the bonuses we know of so far:

  • 0.5% Crit chance
  • 0.5% Status resistance
  • 1% Stun/Status meter damage
  • 0.5% Max Willpower

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