Marvel's Avengers Gear Guide: How To Gather Resources And Upgrade Equipment

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Marvel's Avengers is out now, and if you've jumped in you might be wondering what all the gear levels are about.

Throughout the campaign, players can earn new gear for each hero, each of which has its own properties, bonuses, and even upgrade opportunities.


It can be a lot to take in, especially if you're new to these "live service" style titles, but here's a quick primer to get you up to speed.

Marvel's Avengers Gear and Upgrade Guides

The Basics

Playing as each character in Marvel's Avengers will allow you to level them up, but their gear is separate from their actual character level.

Gear is found in chests or as rewards for completing missions or defeating foes, and it allows you to tailor your chosen character to your playstyle.

For example, two items may have the exact same power rating, but one has an extra bonus that reduces incoming Cryo-based damage, for example.

You can also hold L2/LT on the gear menu to simply equip the best gear you currently have available.


Gear Types

Each hero has a slot for the following gear:

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Defence
  • Heroic

Then there are Artifacts that can boost your power and tweak your playstyle, so it's worth investing in those and upgrading them, too.

Artifacts come in both Major and Minor variations. The former is unlocked through the campaign, and can be switched between characters.

Minor artifacts are boosts for elemental resistance, as well as XP boosters.



You'll constantly be earning new gear for all four slots, and some can even be upgraded using the following materials which can be gained from smashing crates and opening chests:

  • Fragments
  • Upgrade Module
  • Nanite
  • Nanotube
  • Catalyst
  • Plasma

Each resource is used to upgrade a specific gear type, so it's worth harvesting all you can.

Upgrades range from increasing an item's power level to make it more useful later on or unlocking whole new stat bonuses or perks.

Use the "Boost" button prompt when highlighting an item to put resources into improving it. 

Other materials, such as Polychoron and DNA Keys are tied to vendors and specific missions and Hero Challenge cards, respectively.



Each piece of gear factors into one of the following attributes, but if you're just looking to blow through the campaign, you can arguably leave this section.

If you want to tweak your build for the endgame, though, then here's what each does.

  • Proficiency - Increases the rate of Critical hit and Perk chance
  • Intensity - Increases status change resistance and your own stun/status damage
  • Valor - Increased Heroic effects and critical damage
  • Might - Increased melee damage and faster Ultimate Heroic charge rate
  • Precision - Increased ranged damage and faster Assault Heroic charge rate
  • Resilience - Boosts armour and faster Support Heroic charge rate
  • Resolve - Increased Max Willpower (Health) and faster recovery time
  • Proficiency - Increases rate of Crit and Perk chance

There are also four "brands" of gear that target set attributes. 

  • Hammer Industries: Proficiency, Might and Resilience.
  • Pym Technologies: Proficiency, Might, Resolve and Valor.
  • Shield: Resilience, Resolve and Valor.
  • Stark Industries: Precision, Proficiency and Resilience.

Gear Rarities

While there's the usual White (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare) and Purple (Legendary) gear, you'll also find Exotic Gear.

These are usually found at points of interest that you'll stumble upon when flying through a Warzone, and will be highlighted by Jarvis as well as your "tactical awareness" which is triggered by pressing "Up" on the D-pad.

They'll occasionally be guarded by tougher enemies or hidden behind puzzles.

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