Marvel’s Avengers Creative Director Re-joins Naughty Dog

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Marvel's Avengers' Creative Director Shaun Escayg has confirmed via his Twitter today that he has re-joined the Naughty Dog team as a Creative Director and Writer.

“Happy to be back with the Dogs!” his Tweet Reads, accompanied by an image with a welcome back message and a new coffee mug.

Marvel’s Avengers Creative Director Re-joins Naughty Dog

Shaun Escayg was known for his work as creative director on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and support on The Last of Us, before leaving to join Crystal Dynamics as Creative director for the Marvel’s Avengers game.

While we don’t know what project brought Escayg back to Naughty Dog, we do know from a report last week that Naughty dog is indeed working on a remake for The Last of Us as well as other projects that are still in pre-production.

It's worth noting that Naughty Dog has yet to confirm the production of a remake of The Last of Us.


In a response to a fan's question about Marvel’s Avengers, Escayg says the game “is in good hands”.

Marvel’s Avengers has recently added Hawkeye as a new playable character, and story mode Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, as well as, outlining their roadmap for the rest of 2021. This seems to be Escayg’s last project on the team and fans of the game have future updates and a large expansion releasing later in the year featuring Black Panther.

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