Here's What the Mysterious Marvel's Avengers 1.38 Update Actually Does

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Marvel’s Avengers 1.38, aka Marvel’s Avengers, is live now, and while it has fewer tweaks and changes than some previous Avengers patches, there’s one very welcome change in 1.38.

At least, we think that’s all the patch does.

It’s a 5 GB patch, though it didn’t even warrant a post on the official Avengers site as the game’s updates typically do.


The Avengers 1.38 update could be laying the groundwork for some future update or two, but the change it’s making could potentially warrant the file size, as it alters what gear enemies drop depending on your current level.

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Here's What the Mysterious Marvel's Avengers 1.38 Update Actually Does

Here’s the official patch note, delivered as a small update to the last patch note post.

01-06-2021 - Updated to build with the following change:

  • Heroes who are PL130+ will no longer have gear drops that are below PL130 unless it has a fixed PL.

It’ll make the grind for gear much easier and avoid getting stuck with a load of equipment you don’t have any use for.

Crystal Dynamics still has plenty of Marvel's Avengers DLC in store for the rest of the year.

Once the Red Room Takeover event ends, we’ve still got the Wasteland Patrol and Cosmic Cube events to look forward to, plus the debut of the Marvel’s Avengers Wakanda content, which the studio promises is the biggest content drop since launch.

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