Marvel Avengers: Free Hawkeye Outfit

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Marvel's Avengers players can now grab a free new outfit for the latest addition, Hawkeye.

Here's everything you need to know including how you can unlock it.

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How to Unlock

The new "Counter-Earth" outfit is now in the Marketplace and is free to all players before April 29th.

The developers are giving away this skin for free to mark one month since Hawkeye joined the game as a playable character.

This means there's a chance of more free cosmetics on the way for characters like Black Panther and the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man.

Recently, the MCU skin for Hulk was leaked, although you'll have to open your wallet for that one.

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So, are there any other ways of obtaining free cosmetics in Marvel's Avengers?

Weekly and daily challenges to level your challenge card for each character, obtaining you more free cosmetics like outfits and emotes.


You can also complete mission chains that reward you with "Epic Pattern". These are similar to Engrams from Destiny and will reward you with some awesome cosmetics.

Moving forward, we'd love to see the developers implementing new free cosmetics and new ways to unlock cosmetics for free.

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