Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel Beta Skin still missing from Marvel's Avengers

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In the Marvel's Avengers beta, one of the highlights was Kamala Khan. Square Enix announced in October of 2019 that she would have her iconic Ms. Marvel outfit in the game. Currently, we have no idea what happened to it, and even the game's Subreddit is asking questions.

The fact that an outfit exists in the Beta and then is removed from the main game is pretty significant. It is even more problematic when the outfit is the one the character wears as their identifying costume. I'm sure Batman or Superman games would feel the same if their iconic outfits didn't exist in their own games. Marvel's Avengers publisher, Square Enix, has not yet commented on the removal.


The subreddit noticed the removal from Marvel's Avengers

Reddit user idcris98 posted a picture of Kamala Khan's beta skin with three different color schemes on Reddit. The user then pointed out that this is not in the game, and Square Enix never explained why they removed it. Many of the comments echo this sentiment.

ParticlePym points out the following strangeness about this:

"This is one mystery that makes no sense. It was also playable for the Beta so it's not like the outfit is not finished. This is the only outfit I want for her. Also, this costume is 1:1 perfection. Looks exactly like the comic."

Why remove a skin that they already made, tested, and finished? It is an advantage for the players, and it is harder to remove the outfit than to keep it.


This has to be a case of didn't, rather than couldn't

It isn't easy to imagine Marvel allowing a costume in a Beta but not in the full Marvel's Avengers game. WandaVision shows that even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, original costumes can still be reused as needed. If Square already made such a beautiful costume, then why would they discard it?

Two cover images for Ms. Marvel in the comics. Both have the outfit mentioned in the article.
Ms. Marvel in the comics

As of now, there is no answer and no timeline as to when we will receive the original Ms. Marvel outfit. If we do, I will update this article.