Here's Why Players Want Captain Marvel In The Avengers Game

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Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) has been teased for way too long by Marvel's Avengers. We see her tell Thor that she is involved in another conflict, and Thor agrees to let the world know where she is. After that, Tony says he'll track her down, and we barely hear from her again.

The MCU's Captain Marvel was not popular due to the actor who plays the superhero and some controversial handling of her storyline. It should not be applied to the comic counterpart since Marvel's Avengers characters come from the comics, not the movies. For all Captain Marvel contributed to the Marvel universe, she deserves a lot of respect.

Reddit leads the charge for Captain Marvel in Marvel's Avengers

It has got to be one of the coolest posts on this subreddit I've ever seen. Reddit user LetsGoMets34 posted an in-game screenshot of Captain Marvel in one of her comics. Reddit took this idea and ran with it, bringing Captain Marvel to life in just a few comments.


Many users believed Captain Marvel's moveset should resemble Iron Man's. Captain Marvel's blasts would be energy blasts instead of the Repulsers from Iron Man's hand. Another good idea would be to make Captain Marvel strong like she was in the comics.

Captain Marvel has had multiple different hairstyles in the comics. Take a look before for some of the best:

Four different pictures of Captain Marvel, each having a different hairstyle.
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Carol Danvers and her iconic hairstyles

Her short hairstyle was beloved by fans, but Marvel's Avengers has been plagued by questionable changes to the characters' hairstyles. NoArmsSally, a Reddit user, goes on to state:

"I love the costume, not so much the hair. I've always liked Carol with the long waves, rather than the Karen cut."

Only to be countered by Reddit user Genius 340:

"I'm opposite... I love mohawk Carol"

Marvel's Avengers has seen a lot of pushback from fans due to the hairstyle changes from the MCU or comics. Captain Marvel will likely cause the most controversy.

Currently, we can tell that Marvel's Avengers has a lot planned for Captain Marvel based on the small conversations. The other Avengers may need to rescue her and then help her during her off-world conflicts. I think they should give her the attention she deserves now, based on the popularity of this Reddit post. It's obvious that fans want her to be in the game right now.