Marvel’s Avengers’ Corrupted Vibranium Event Is The Perfect Time To Level Your Characters

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Marvel's Avengers may have added Black Panther to its growing roster last week, but that's only served to highlight an issue of the game for many - the grind to gear score 150.

Once you finish the new War for Wakanda campaign, you're left chipping away at the same missions you've run dozens of time to level up King T'Challa (and anyone else you haven't hit power level 150 with yet).


That's... not ideal, but Crystal Dynamics' latest Corrupted Vibranium event makes it easier than ever to ramp up your gear score.

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Marvel’s Avengers’ Corrupted Vibranium Event Is The Perfect Time To Level Your Characters

The event, which will run until September 2nd, adds Vibranium clusters that need to be destroyed (just like the ones in the War for Wakanda campaign) to the following missions:

  • Our Town – Utah Badlands
  • Inhuman Condition – Utah Badlands
  • …And We’re Back – Eastern Seaboard
  • Enter: The Avengers – Eastern Seaboard
  • Stark Realities – Pacific Northwest
  • Here Comes the Pain – Wakanda
  • From Bad to Worse – Wakanda
  • 24/7 Vibranium - Wakanda

Each tendril of Vibranium drops gear, and since these clusters can be destroyed in a manner of seconds, you can soon amass a solid haul just from seeking them out. What makes this easier is that they're given waypoints, like any other War Zone objective.

Pair this with the ongoing double XP event, and you can push Black Panther to level 50 (and fill out his extensive skill tree) and reach gear score 150, and have time to do the same with your other characters before September 2nd.

Anecdotally, I jumped in with a Black Panther at 80 gear score yesterday, and in about two and a half hours logged off with him at 120 or so.


If you're looking to power up some of your other characters, now is the time.