Crystal Dynamics Shows Off Black Panther's Fabulous Fashion

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Crystal Dynamics shared a sneak peak at Marvel's Avengers' custom Black Panther designs and some fresh takes on the hero's classic outfits ahead of the War for Wakanda DLC release on August 17.

The developer shared five images, two of which are brand-new designs made just for Marvel's Avengers.


The first is Black Panther's default design, dubbed the Iconic Outfit. This is the one shown in promotional images leading up to the expansion's launch.

Image showing Black Panther's iconic outfit in Marvel's Avengers

Crystal Dynamics wanted to blend Black Panther's famous silhouette with some of the modern adjustments made to his appearance over the decades, and thus this mixture of form and function was born.

Image showing Black Panther's Most Dangerous Man outfit in Marvel's Avengers

The Most Dangerous Man outfit shown above is a fresh take on Kasper Cole's Black Panther and a nod to the Cole period of the comics in the early 2000s.

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Crystal Dynamics Shows Off Black Panther's Fabulous Fashion

The King T’Challa Outfit is what the hero wears when he's at home. It's another new creation inspired by how the development team believed the warrior would dress when he wasn't saving the world, including a set of finger rings in place of his deadlier Panther claws.

Image depicting King T’Challa Outfit in Marvel's Avengers

The fourth suit is the Damisa-Sarki Outfit. This one pays homage to the original Panther's design in 1966 from Jack Kirby and also incorporates the common request Crystal Dynamics received to give the Panther a short cape.

Image showing Black Panther's Damisa-Sarki Outfit in Marvel's Avengers

Finally is the Strategist Outfit. Crystal Dynamics made this one based on Man Without Fear #513 when Black Panther could only rely on his wits to succeed.

Image showing Black Panther's Strategist outfit in Marvel's Avengers

These are far from the only looks Black Panther will rock once the War for Wakanda expansion releases. Crystal Dynamics promised a look at more of the hero's royal wardrobe before August 17 when the DLC releases.


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[Source: Crystal Dynamics]