Marvel's Avengers Adds 11 'Starter' DLC Packs

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Marvel's Avengers has had major post-launch support since its release last year. The year alone will see the launch of the highly-anticipated Black Panther: War For Wakanda expansion, as well as the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man DLC.

But before that, fans can get their hands at new costumes, emotes, and nameplates to customize your heroes because you should look good while saving the world.


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Marvel's Avengers Adds 11 'Starter' DLC Packs

Square Enix has introduced 11 new packs to first-party stores for both platforms.

Types of Packs

Two types of packs are available:

  • Starter ($4.99/£3.99) - for one character where players will receive an Epic costume, Epic emote, nameplate, and 500 in-game credits.
  • Incredible ($9.99/£7.99) - for two characters where players will receive one Epic outfit, Epic emote, nameplate per character. So you will receive two outfits, emotes, and nameplates together. You will also receive 1050 in-game credits.

Starter Pack

Black Widow Heroic Starter Pack


Captain America Heroic Starter Pack

Hulk Heroic Starter Pack

Iron Man Heroic Starter Pack

Ms. Marvel Heroic Starter Pack


Thor Heroic Starter Pack

Kate Bishop Heroic Starter Pack

Incredible Pack

Rivalry Incredible Pack - Iron Man and Captain America


Godly Gamma Incredible Starter Pack - Thor and Hulk

Embiggened Espionage Incredible Starter Pack - Black Widow and Ms Marvel

Hawkeyes Incredible Starter Pack - Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

How to buy

These links will take you to the packs available for purchase: