Marvel's Midnight Suns RPG Features And Gameplay Showcased In New Trailer

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Midnight Suns adapts one of the most gothic storylines in Marvel comics, whilst also presenting them in tactical, RPG stature. After revealing a gameplay trailer earlier this month, a deeper, extensive look now provides a greater focus on the vast array of RPG elements, and what looks to be a rich campaign.

20 minutes of gameplay footage has been released, highlighting some of the card-based skillsets at the player's disposal.

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Marvel's Midnight Suns RPG Features And Gameplay Showcased In New Trailer

While familiar faces in Captain America, Ghost Rider, Blade, among others do show up in minor snippets, a large majority of the trailer focuses on the fight between Wolverine with the Hunter against Sabretooth. The history between the mutant brothers is highlighted in the cutscene, in addition to providing an impressive and interactive battle between them.

The full gameplay can be viewed below.

The Abbey was also showcased more and will act as an X-Mansion of sorts where the Hunter and other Marvel heroes will be homed. Players can interact with other characters, encouraging relationships and in turn, enforcing combat.

Developer, Firaxis Games also confirmed that no micro-transactions will be present in Midnight Suns, so all cards and abilities will only be earnable in-game. We'll keep you informed as we learn more.