The Best Marvel Future Revolution Storm Build

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As one of the best area damage dealers of the lot, this Marvel Future Revolution Storm build guide will have the game's only member of the X-Men shredding groups of baddies like paper. Storm excels as a really easy character to level thanks to her wide-reaching attacks, but her usefulness sticks around in high-level play where mob packs can quickly overwhelm the team. When properly built, she's an asset through and through.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Storm Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
SkillsAtmosphere Control - Frozen Sphere, Deep Freeze - Whiteout, Icicle Crash - Icicle Crash, Wind Rider - Mist of Darkness, Atmokinesis - Wall of FrostN/A
SpecializationPhoton Energy: Photon Acceleration, Energy Retrieval, Shield Neutralization, Energy EnhancementN/A
PotentialGoddess of Thunder I (ATK), Goddess of Thunder II (Debuff Accuracy), Goddess of Thunder III (Debuff Accuracy, ATK), Goddess of Thunder IV (Debuff Accuracy, ATK))Cooldown Decrease, HP, Def, Guard Damage
Omega CardsMidgardia #6 (four-set) / Dark Zone #4 (two-set)Dark Zone #3 (four-set) / Xandearth #4 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the Desert (Maestro) / Daughter of Thanos (Nebula) - Dark ZoneMaestro (Blitz)

This Marvel Future Revolution Storm build focuses on making her a fantastic Support/DPS hybrid. is a great all-rounder, but she does tend to focus on one particular area of expertise when it comes to the late-game: crowd-control and support. What she does struggle with, however, is not that her skills have long cooldowns, but that they simply take time to cast.

As you've probably realized by now, some villains cast powerful abilities pretty quickly. And if you're stuck in a long animation, you can fall victim to these blows. Storm can walk into trouble this way if you're not careful, but her various crowd-control effects can drastically limit the threat of smaller enemies, potentially buying the team some time that way instead.

If you're struggling to make sense of the Storm build table above, just refer to the individual breakdowns below for a more comprehensive explanation. This one focuses less on raw damage and more on supporting the team with buffs, debuffs, and crowd-control abilities. There's a little bit of damage to be had for when the team is up against a single bigger target, but it's mostly about helping the team.

The Sakaar costume for a Storm build in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Storm Costumes

Best Captain Marvel Costume Alternative Captain Marvel Costume

It might sound odd to anyone unfamiliar with Marvel games, but the costumes you wear can make a big difference in battle. They award fixed stats, and the more of one particular costume you equip, the more set bonuses you get on top, increasing things further.


Picking out the best costume for this Storm build is pretty easy. Early on, you want to aim for the Astonishing set. It'll boost Storm's damage output considerably and improve her various Deep Freeze skills as well.

As you begin to craft your Regional costume, aim for Sakaar. It offers the same boosts as the Astonishing set, but you'll get much higher stats in the process.

The Best Storm Specializations

Specialization Effect
Heavy SnowDecreases Deep Freeze class skill cooldown by 27.5%
Snowy WindsCreate a chill explosion to deal damage equal to 105% of ATK upon landing a Deep Freeze class skill (5s cooldown)
BlizzardIncreases chill damage by 6% for each equipped Deep Freeze class skill
HeadwindIncreases dodge skill gauge recovery by 35%

One part of this Storm build that will take some time to realize is the character's best Specialization. You'll only start earning the materials needed for this this via the Raid feature at level 70, but you can unlock the menu itself earlier and gain some early boosts simply by clearing one of the major boss battles in Midgardia on the way to that level.

This isn't a terribly exciting Specialization pick for Storm, but it is built to maximize the potential of her Deep Freeze skills. The first, Heavy Snow, will reduce the cooldown of the lot by 25%. This negates the need for the Frostbite one further down. In its place, we pick Snowy Windows and Blizzard to increase the damage of the Deep Freeze skills. Killing things faster is also a way to support the team, after all.

Lastly, it's a toss-up. Headwind allows for added survivability with a more reliable dodge, but opting for the Protection of the Wind trait can help offset some of the Stamina issues you risk by using Heavy Snow without the right costume.

Storml attacking the enemy in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Storm Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Atmosphere ControlFrozen SphereDeep Freeze
Deep FreezeWhiteoutDeep Freeze
Icicle CrashIcicle CrashDeep Freeze
Wind RiderMist of DarknesstAir Current
AtmokinesisWall of FrostDeep Freeze

In Marvel Future Revolution, each character can unlock eight different skills across multiple classifications. Each of these skills has four total 'Mastery' variants, creating 32 different abilities you have to cram into just five slots. Which you choose to pair with your equipment will drastically alter their usefulness in battle.

As mentioned before we kicked off this deeper Storm build explainer, we're looking to stuff Ororo into the support role with this one. It focuses on Deep Freeze abilities. Expect more debuffs than damage here, but the damage reduction you'll bring to the team will be much appreciated.

It uses skills like Frozen Sphere, Explosive Hail, and Whiteout to increase the team's hit chance against affected enemies, eventually freezing them in place after enough stacks. This can really help characters like Iron Man and Captain Marvel to get their Focal Energy attacks out.

On the defensive side of things, Mist of Darkness increases the team's dodge rate, making it easier to avoid heavy damage. Then we toss Wall of Frost in there to give Storm the means to withstand a big attack if she's caught without her dodge.

On the other hand, Protection of the Wind could stop Storm from becoming Stamina starved. We account for this with her costume pick, but every little helps.


The Best Storm Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Goddess of Thunder IATKHP, DEF
Goddess of Thunder IIDebuff AccuracyHP, Guard Damage
Goddess of Thunder IIIDebuff Accuracy, ATKGuard Damage
Goddess of Thunder IVDebuff AccuracyATK, Cooldown Decrease

'Potential' is a simple stat boost you can give your character early on. Four sets of three stat boosts unlock at level 20, 40, 60, and 80. With each able to level up to 20 and no need to choose one over the other, you're only limited by the number of resources you gain to upgrade them.

As this process can get slow, it's important that you spend them where they're needed most, leaving less valuable skills there to pick up later on.

Now, this doesn't really play into a Storm build as much as the other mechanics here. With enough time, you can grab absolutely every stat available here. It's just good to focus on getting ones that matter as quickly as possible.

For that, Storm should focus on Debuff Accuracy whenever it's available. ATK is another good shout, but Debuff Accuracy will make landing her many debilitating effects easier, which is what we've built her to do.

Once you've maxed these out, HP, DEF, and Cooldown Decrease should be next. Leave Guard Damage for last. It's nice, but you don't need it.

The best Omega Cards for a Storm build in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Storm Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
Midgardia #6Dark Zone #3

Omega Card sets can be both tricky and incredibly easy to obtain. They don't add a massive amount of power to your character, but it's a case of any bonus being something to strive for.

With Storm, her Omega Card picks can offset the high Stamina usage her Specialization picks create. For this, you'd want to get the four-set bonus from Dark Zone #3 and the two-set bonus from Xandearth #4. You'll get some solid damage increases from the earlier bonuses and round things off with some extra Stamina Recovery.

If you don't mind shelling out for some paid Omega Cards, the upgraded versions of these sets will work just as well. That's the four-set Dark Zone #4 and a two-set of Midgardia #6. What you won't get this way is that important Stamina Recovery, so consider swapping out a Specialization if you struggle to keep casting.

The Best Storm Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
Lord of the DesertMaestro

Battle Badges catapult a hero's 'Power' rating whenever you unlock a new Blitz, with Cores only enhancing them further.


Virtually every Marvel Future Revolution build starts with the Maestro set from the final Blitz when you hit max level. The crazy high Super Villain damage increase it awards will really help in the Dark Zone battles later on.

As for which to focus on for a Storm build, it really does depend on your own strengths and weaknesses. No Dark Zone set really stands out, but the usual offensive picks like Daughter of Thanos and Lord of the Desert from Nebula and Maestro respectively will boost her damage output.

If you're a fan of destroying an opponent's Guard, there's the Mad Scientist set from Arnim Zola in that same area.

The Steampunk costume makes up the best Marvel Future Revolution Storm PVP build.

The Best PVP Marvel Future Revolution Storm Build

Equipment Omega War Duel
StatsCritical Rate, Critical Damage, ATKCritical Rate, Critical Damage, ATK
CostumeMoscow KnightsMoscow Knights
Regional CostumeHydra EmpireHydra Empire
Gacha CostumeSteampunkSteampunk
Omega CardsDark Zone #4 (six-set) OR Midgardia #4 (four-set) + Midgardi #2 (two-set)Dark Zone #4 (six-set) OR Midgardia #4 (four-set) + Midgardi #2 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the Desert (four-set), Omega War (two-set)Lord of the Desert (four-set), Omega War (two-set)
SpecializationsLightning - Thunderbolt, Lightning - Lightning Rod, Lightning - Rainy Season, Lightning - Rain Ritual Lightning - Thunderbolt, Lightning - Lightning Rod, Lightning - Rainy Season, Lightning - Rain Ritual
SkillsWeather Witch - Electrocution, Atmokinsesis - Wall of Wind, Icicle Crash - Snowstorm Shield, Pressure Manipulation, Lightning Attack - Thunder Crash Weather Witch - Electrocution, Atmokinsesis - Wall of Wind, Icicle Crash - Snowstorm Shield, Pressure Manipulation, Lightning Attack - Thunder Crash

Though she's never going to be an absolute monster on the PVP battlefields, the best Marvel Future Revolution Storm PVP build above will attempt to have her stick around long enough to cripple the opposing team. In Duel, it's all about buying enough time to simply burn the enemy down before they have a chance to get out a full combo.


And that's about it for this Marvel Future Revolution Storm build guide. Storm can be built a bunch of different ways, but we feel she's best when utilized as a team support. You'll see most rocking some kind of Thunder build for raw damage, but you might find fights are cleared more quickly when Storm's support skills stop the game's stronger glass cannons from falling in battle.

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