The Best Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord Build

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Looking for the best Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord build around? Colour us surprised. He's not the strongest character of the bunch, or even the most inventive, but he sure is fun to play around with. Follow along with the handy tables and digestible advice below and you should end up with a Guardian of the Galaxy that isn't quite as useless as people would suggest.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeSakaarSecret Wars
SkillsBattle Soundtrack - Pump It Up, Elemental Blaster - Firestorm Bullet, Blaster Charge - Cherry Bomb, Elemental Cannon - Flame Cannonball, Problem Solver - Rapidfire SpinN/A
SpecializationGrand Finale, Tolerance Decrease, Jet Boots Modification, Rapidfire SpraySpecial Flame Bullet / Jet Boost Modification
PotentialLegendary Outlaw I (ATK,), Legendary Outlaw II (ATK, Debuff Accuracy), Legendary Outlaw III (ATK, Cooldown Reduction, Debuff Accuracy), Legendary Outlaw IV (Cooldown Decrease, Debuff Accuracy)DEF, HP, Guard Damage
Omega CardsAnything with Stamina Recovery / Debuff ResistanceSakaar #2 (four-set) / Xandearth #4 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the DesertMaestro Set

Although he's constantly featured at the bottom of the Marvel Future Revolution tier list, poor old Peter Quill isn't as useless as he sounds. Like Iron Man, he struggles to shine in any one situation, but that means he's generally ok in any of them

In this Star-Lord build, we'll be training him up for a PVE Support role, trusting his many Flame Shot abilities to soften up targets for the team. With each hit, they stack an effect that simply increases the damage the afflicted enemy takes. Paired with a massive Critical Hit buff from his banging tunes, Star-Lord can dish out some big numbers when played correctly.

Cooldown Reduction becomes a major stat for this build. With it, Peter can keep his Critical Rate buff up longer, making it easier to weave his rapidfire attacks into his burst window. You won't be locking enemies in place like Storm or Black Widow, but you'll be playing your part.

The Sakaar costume is one of the best for a Star-Lord build.
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The Best Star-Lord Costumes

Best Star-Lord Costume Alternative Star-Lord Costume
SakaarSecret Wars

The decision to rock a near-complete Flame Shot build makes picking the best costume for a Star-Lord build a doddle. The Secret Wars set boosts the Battle Soundtrack skill exponentially, helping Peter's Critical Rate carry him through a lot of fights. It's free damage. On top of a healthy amount of stat increases, it's the go-to set while you work on a Regional costume.

And which Regional costume should you work on? It has to be Sakaar. This swaps out the Battle Soundtrack boost for six increases to each Flame Shot skill. That's massive.

The Best Star-Lord Specializations

Specialization Effect
Grand FinaleIncreases damage dealt to targets with 50% or less HP by 25%.
Tolerance DecreaseIncreases all type damage by 15%
Jet Boots ModificationIncreases damage of the first skill used within 6s after using a dodge skill by 32.5%
Rapidfire SprayDecreases remaining cooldown by50% once every five times a skill is used.

The best Star-Lord Specializations help to solidify this build. The materials needed to flesh this menu out only become accessible through the Raid feature at level 70, but you can unlock the menu itself earlier and gain some early boosts after clearing one of the major boss battles in Midgardia.

Star-Lord has one of the more understandable Specialization trees in the game. Given how heavy this Star-Lord build goes on Flame Shot skills, knowing which perks to pick up is a less calculated choice and more common sense.

You're going to be going heavy in the Space Pirate set for this one. Grand Final will ramp up your damage in longer fights, Tolerance Decrease is just as a flat 15% damage increase in this case, and Jet Boots Modification can help you scale your attacks even further once you nail the rotation around a timely dodge.

One of the most important is in the Galactic Outlaw tree. Rapidfire Spray reduces the cooldown of your skill every fifth time you use it. This turns Star-Lord into a bursty character at times. Time this with your Battle Soundtrack for the biggest boost.

If you're not up for dodging just to boost your attack and would rather play things safe, consider swapping Jet Boots Modification out for Special Flame Bullet in the same tree. It's on an eight-second cooldown, but it can help you put out a similarly big hit.

One skill from the best Star-Lord build in Marvel Future Revolution.
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The Best Star-Lord Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Battle SoundtrackPump It UpAssist
Elemental BlasterFirestorm BulletApply Element - Flame Shot
Blaster ChargeCherry BombApply Element - Flame Shot
Elemental CannonFlame CannonballApply Element - Flame Shot
Problem SolverRapidfire SpinApply Element - Flame Shot

For a PvE Star-Lord build, the 'Apply Element - Flame Shot' class skills really are the way forward. The idea here is to stack a bunch of these purely to trigger buffs at speed. Once you accumulate enough Burn stacks from these abilities, your targets will take considerably more damage. That's good for both you and the team. They're all on relatively short cooldowns, too, so it's super easy to trigger this boon.

Things kick off with a massive Critical Rate buff from your Battle Soundtrack ability. Because of its cooldown, you'll only have this up for around half of a boss battle. It's a big part of why we stack fast skills and Cooldown Reduction. You want to squeeze as many attacks into this window as possible for maximum effect. Save Rapidfire Spin for when you're up against a single target. Focus on your various area attacks when there are plenty of targets around.

The Best Star-Lord Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Legendary Outlaw IATKHP, DEF
Legendary Outlaw IIATK, Debuff AccuracyGuard Damage
Legendary Outlaw IIIATK, Debuff Accuracy, Cooldown Decrease N/A
Legendary Outlaw IVDebuff Accuracy, Cooldown Decrease DEF

This PvE-focused Star-Lord build makes a great case for the character's Potential picks. Peter can make good use of most of the stat increases on offer here, but you'll want to focus on these three: ATK, Cooldown Decrease, and Status Effect Resistance.

The reason for ATK is obvious. Cooldown Reduction will help increase the up-time of the Battle Soundtrack Crit buff, whereas Status Effect Resistance should help the various Flame Shot skills soften up your targets just that little bit easier.

After that, DEF and HP should come next, leaving Guard Damage until last. This may change as people run more complex calculations on the importance of Guard Damage increases, but it's pretty much ignored right now.

The best Omega Cards for a Star-Lord build in Marvel Future Revolution.
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The Best Star-Lord Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
Anything with Stamina Recovery / Debuff ResistanceSakaar #2 (four-set) / Xandearth #4 (two-set)

Similar to the Battle Badge situation below, Star-Lord benefits more from Stamina Recovery and Status Effect Resistance in late-game fights. The only way to get both of these from an Omega Card set is to grab the two-set piece from Xandearth #4 and the four-set bonus from Sakaar #2.

The good news is that paying out for Omega Cards won't immediately negate the bonuses from free-to-play cards. No shop-exclusive set bonus gives Star-Lord what he really wants. You can aim for individual bonus stats if you really want to spend some cash, but there isn't much point aiming for a paid set over a free one with Star-Lord.


The Best Star-Lord Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
Lord of the DesertMaestro (Blitz)

As is the case with most damage dealers in Marvel Future Revolution, grabbing your Maestro (Blitz) set at the level cap can make working on superior Dark Zone sets much easier. As for which Dark Zone set to go for, the easy pick would be Lord of the Desert for the solid ATK boost.

That being said, you'll probably see the need for additional Stamina Recovery this late in the game. Any ATK boost won't matter if you lack the Stamina to cast your abilities. For that, consider just rocking whichever badges come with Stamina Recovery. Status Effect Resistance is another good stat to look out for as well.

The Rise of the East costume is one part of the best Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord PVP build.
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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord PVP Build

Build Omega Wawr Duel
StatsATK, Cooldown Decrease, Debuff Accuracy ATK, Cooldown Decrease, Debuff Accuracy
CostumeSecret WarsSecret Wars
Regional CostumeMidgardiaMidgardia
Gacha CostumeRise of the EastRise of the East
Omega CardsMidgardia #4 (four-set), Xandearth #4 (two-set)Midgardia #4 (four-set), Xandearth #4 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the Desert (four-set) + Mad Scientist (two-set) OR Omega War (two-set) + Towering Tyrant (four-set) Lord of the Desert (four-set) + Mad Scientist (two-set) OR Omega War (two-set) + Towering Tyrant (four-set)
SpecializationsJet Boots Modification, Certain Victory, Painful Would, Rapidfire Spray Jet Boots Modification, Certain Victory, Painful Would, Rapidfire Spray
SkillsBattle Soundtrack - Pump it Up, Gravity Bomb - Black Hole, Problem Solver - Frozen Rapid Fire, Jet Boots - Icy Slide, Elemental Cannon - Freezing CannonballBattle Soundtrack - Pump it Up, Gravity Bomb - Black Hole, Problem Solver - Frozen Rapid Fire, Jet Boots - Icy Slide, Elemental Cannon - Freezing Cannonball

His skill at rattling off elemental blasts makes this Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord PVP build an interesting one. Peter won't be bursting down too many opponents in Omega War, instead opting to soften them up or take things a little more slowly, but he can shred targets in Duel with moderate success.

And that about wraps up this Marvel Future Revolution Star-Lord build guide. Star-Lord is often berated as one of the least powerful characters in the game, but he is certainly one of the more fun picks. He's a versatile character who ensures the game never feels too serious, and that's exactly what this fantastical adventure should be like.

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