Unopened Super Mario Bros. Sells For $2 Million At Auction

Those ridiculous sales just keep coming. Between Pokémon cards setting auction records, a sealed NES copy of The Legend Of Zelda going for $870k at auction last month and more, collectors continue defying expectations. This time around, one buyer's just obtained an unopened NES copy of Super Mario Bros. for $2 million.

Setting a new record for the most expensive game ever sold, that comes only several weeks after Super Mario 64 broke that same record, selling for $1.5 million via Heritage Auctions. This time around, Super Mario Bros. was sold through Rally to an anonymous buyer.

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Unopened Super Mario Bros. Sells For $2 Million At Auction

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Speaking to The New York Times, Rob Petrozzo - one of Rally's founders - advised that demand for collectibles has surged during the pandemic. Unlike the previous two sales though, Rally doesn't use an auction system. Instead, they buys physical items and lets people invest in them like stocks, though people can buy them outright with the board's approval.

Believing video games remain a "nascent market", he stated:

I think that we’re starting to see the natural progression of ‘What else? What are the things that have appreciated in value from my childhood that have that nostalgia?

Describing this anonymous buyer as a collector who's “making big bets in the video game space”, Petrozzo confirmed that Rally previously rejected a $300k offer last year. With game prices soaring amongst collectors, we can't even begin to imagine what'll break the record next.

Source: Nintendo Wire via The New York Times

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