The Super Mario Movie Could Feature a Boss Worse than Bowser

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The Super Mario Bros movie might bring back an obscure character from Mario's pre-heroic past.

Before Mario and Luigi were plumbers, they had another job.


No, not princess-napping gorilla exterminator. After Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario and his less famous brother were construction workers toiling away under the nefarious Foreman Spike in 1985's Wrecking Crew.

Spike made it his mission to destroy the brothers' hard work and success, despite being their employer, and it's this villain the Mario movie could be re-introducing.

Twitter user Eponge2L first heard the mention of it during comedian Bert Kreischer's Bertcast (thanks Video Games Chronicle).


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The Super Mario Movie Could Feature a Boss Worse than Bowser

Kreischer hosted actor and fellow comedian Sebastian Maniscalco in his August 5 show, where Maniscalco said he's voicing "Spike, [the brother’s] boss" in the Mario movie.

Eponge2L also mentioned a leak that says Donkey Kong will appear in the film.


It raises plenty of questions about the Super Mario Movie's plot - whether it's a journey through Mario's career or some kind of origin story - but that's also because we know very little about what Nintendo and Illumination have in store.

Nintendo is usually keen to avoid leaks, so much so that the Big N reportedly cancelled a Zelda series on Netflix after the streaming giant leaked details about it.

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[Source: VGC]