Super Mario Galaxy: How To Save

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On September 3rd, Super Mario 3D All-Stars was announced.

It's a compilation of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.


You can play it on the Nintendo Switch.

Find out how to save in Super Mario Galaxy below!

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How To Save

Unfortunately, in the original Super Mario Galaxy, you couldn't save whenever you felt like it.


After each level, you'd get a prompt asking if you want to save.

It was always best to select yes even if you planned on playing a while longer.

This is simply because you don't know how long the next stage will take, the game could crash, etc and the only way to save is through prompts.

This could change in Super Mario 3D All-Stars.


Many players found this to be an annoying feature.

Spending hours playing and forgetting to save sometimes meant losing all your progress.

For some, that's enough to put the game down.

Fingers crossed auto-saving or being able to save whenever you like will be in the new game.