Super Mario Galaxy: How To Beat Dino Piranha

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Announced on September 3rd, Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

It's a collection of games, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.


You can play on the Nintendo Switch.

Here's how to defeat Dino Piranha in Super Mario Galaxy!

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How To Beat Dino Piranha

Megaleg will be the first main boss fight, Megaleg is one of Bowser Jr.'s minions.


When arriving on the first planet, everything will be trapped in cages, the only way you can break them will be to get the Bullet Bills to follow you and destroy the cages.

Find the cannon, and wait for the Bullet Bills.

Go to the launch star in the cage, and go behind it.

The Bullet Bill will destroy the cage, then you'll be able to go through and into Megaleg's planet.


When you land, Bowser Jr. will summon Megaleg, and he'll attempt to stomp on you.

Wait till one of the feet lands on the planet, quickly get on top of it.

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While you are climbing, Bullet Bills will head for you, dodge them and continue to climb.


Further up are rotating cogs, jump over them and get to the other side.

You'll get to Megaleg's head.

There will be a Grand Star on top, in a cage, some fences will appear to protect it.

Next, direct the Bullet Bills at the fences to destroy them.


Lastly, get the Bullet Bills to break the cage and grab the Grand Star!