Paper Mario: The Origami King: How To Use Toads In Battle

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Paper Mario: The Origami King has majorly changed up the battle system and one of the cool features is the use of Toads!

The audience has been involved during battles in past games and that's no different here.


So how can you get Toads to help?

How To Use Toads In Battle In Paper Mario: The Origami King

When you enter a battle, there will be a few options. The Y button, which is labelled 'Cheer', will activate Toads when held done.

Hold this button down to get the best possible outcome, the longer you hold it the more money it will cost.


The maximum you can spend is 999 coins.

TOADal Annihilation: Toads will assist you in battle

The Toads will move rings on the battlefield, give you health and even damage some enemies.


To use Toads in battle, you'll have to make sure you have some in the audience watching.

Toads are hidden through the game in mysterious places and have even been converted into origami objects such as a dog.

The more Toads you collect, the more that will help you in battle and the better their help will be.