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Paper Mario: The Origami King: How To Block, Defend Attacks And Take Less Damage


Paper Mario The Origami King has been announced for the Nintendo Switch and the combat system is a massive part of that.


While attacking is a key part of the turn-based combat, blocking and defending is just as valuable.

Here's how to block, defend and take less damage in Paper Mario The Origami King.

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How To Block In Paper Mario The Origami King

When playing you can lessen the damage taken or even perform a counter-attack in response.

A Superguard move may be present in the new game, that allows a player to block all damage from an opponent and execute a counter-attack. To do this, a player must press B at the exact moment an enemy's attack is about to hit.

To lessen the damage of attacks, you'll need to perform an 'Action Command' by pressing A; this requires far less timing and will weaken the damage of enemy moves rather than blocking it altogether.

It's a high risk-high reward manoeuvre and requires practice to perfect.

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