Ubisoft Wants to Make Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Bigger and Better than Ever

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Ubisoft wants Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope to be bigger and better than everything in the original package — and it’s already making that goal a reality.

Sparks of Hope creative director David Soliani and associate producer Christine Nava told Multiplayer.It the development team is triple the size of the original, with 300 people working on it.

The dream of making something even better started as soon as Ubisoft shipped the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC.

“At the end of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and especially after the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, we knew we had to create something new,” Soliani said. “Since then we had much bigger ambitions, and we decided to set the adventure in space precisely to give it a galactic, cosmic tone, to make a wide-ranging adventure.”

Despite the numerous space references, Sparks of Hope counts more than just Mario Galaxy among its inspirations.

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Ubisoft Wants to Make Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Bigger and Better than Ever

Soliani said the team is pulling pieces from the entire Mario universe, with several surprises that haven’t yet been revealed.

The team also expanded on some of the aspects we saw during E3 2021.

Levels in Sparks of Hope are designed with the new free movement system in mind.

While Sparks of Hope isn’t open world, you can freely explore every stage and rotate the camera at will.

Skills and weapons have been revamped, and Soliani said many stages were created with specific sets of advantages and disadvantages in mind for each character.

It’ll likely still be a while before we see much more from Sparks of Hope though.

The game is currently set for an undefined 2022 release date.

[Source: Multiplayer.It]

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