Universal's New Deal Means The Mario Movie Won't Premier On Netflix

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Wondering where to watch the Super Mario movie? The answer just got a bit more complicated.

Reuters (thanks Video Games Chronicle) reported that Universal, parent company of Mario movie maker Illumination Studios, announced a new deal with the streaming service Peacock that will see all future Universal films head to that platform after leaving theatres.


The deal will take effect in 2022, which means the Super Mario Bros. movie will first stream on Peacock before anywhere else.

However, it's not an exclusive deal.

The Universal-Peacock agreement revolves around the Pay-One Window, the first 18 months after a film leaves theaters.

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Super Mario Movie Will Stream First on Peacock

Universal films, including the Mario movie, will stream exclusively on Peacock for the first four months after it leaves theaters and the last four months of that 18-month window.

In the 10 months in the middle, Universal is free to distribute them elsewhere.

In other words, if you really want to watch the Mario movie and don't see it in theaters, plan on getting a Peacock subscription.


It's a move that makes sense. Comcast, owners of NBC Universal, own Peacock, and many Univeral films already stream on the platform.

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[Source: Reuters, via Video Games Chronicle]