Mario Kart Tour: New Update Brings Room Code Multiplayer and Team Matches

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The new Mario Kart Tour update will see a new Team Races mode and Room Codes multiplayer mode that's sure to rev up the competition. 

Team Races

Team Races does exactly what it says on the tin, you can have up to four separate teams of two racers jump on the track to try and take the win.


Demolish friends locally or online, or take on other online competitors and speed your way to the finish line.

Your team could net a sweet in-game reward for landing yourselves on the finisher podium at the end of the race.


Room Codes Multiplayer Matches

The new Room Code feature will allow players to create a 'custom room' after sharing the room code with friends, players will be able to set up matches with up to eight other racers.

This newest addition is designed to make it easier to organise races with friends and family, ensurring you're only racing against those you've chosen to play with. 

How To Get Room Codes and Team Races on Mario Kart Tour


Jump over to Google Play or the App Store (depending on your phone,) and download the latest update for Mario Kart Tour.

It's as simple as that, although, it's worth mentioning that you'll need to create a Nintendo account to play. The good news is, it's free!

Happy racing!