Mario Strikers Battle League Shot Types: How To Change Shots

Image of Donkey Kong striking the ball in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Looking to score some goals in the new Mario Strikers game? If so, our guide to Mario Strikers: Battle League shot types will definitely help. There's a range of offensive options to choose from, so we'll get you bagging plenty of goals in no time.

In this Mario Strikers: Battle League guide, we'll walk you through the various shot types that exist in the game. With three different approaches on offer, you'll want to be confident with them all in order to score as many goals as possible. That includes the high-powered Hyper Strike, which is almost unsaveable!

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What Shot Types Are There in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

There are three distinct shot types in Mario Strikers: Battle League. There's the regular light shot, a powered-up shot, and the elite Hyper Strike. Luckily, each uses the same button prompt, so you'll learn the difference between them quite quickly.

Regular Shot

The first two are fairly simple and will come as no surprise to anyone who has played a football game before. Lightly tapping the A button will see a regular shot sent towards the goal with little power. As such, the chance of scoring from a light shot is always quite low unless the goalkeeper is out of position.

Power Shot

Your most common chance of scoring comes from powering up your shot by holding down A before shooting.

Combined with a well-placed direction, by using the left analogue stick, you'll have a good chance of beating the keeper. If not, powerful shots can also daze the goalie, making them much more likely to concede a follow-up chance.

Hyper Strike

The last type is the Hyper Strike, which is effectively each character's equivalent to a special move. Every Hyper Strike is different depending on who you're playing as, but one thing is the same: they're incredibly powerful shots that almost always guarantee a goal. Even better, a Hyper Strike goal is worth two goals on the scoreboard, so you'll want to score them as often as possible.

Can I Upgrade Shot Types in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

If you aren't happy about the number of goals you're scoring even when hitting the target, your best option is to upgrade your character's shooting stats. This will make their shot more powerful and effective, meaning it's more likely to hit the back of the net. To do so, you'll need to purchase new equipment.

Head to the Gear Settings menu to purchase different gear for your roster. There are four gear types: head, arms, body, and legs. Within them are six options, with one always guaranteed to boost your shooting. They are as follows:

  • Cannon Visor (head)
  • Cannon Gloves (arms)
  • Cannon Plate (body)
  • Cannon Boots (legs)

If you purchase and equip all four of them, your shooting stats will be as high as physically possible. Of course, if you apply them to characters with impressive base shooting stats, they'll be even more effective. Three characters have 17 Shooting to start with: Bowser, Rosalina, and Yoshi. Upgrade any of them, and you'll be bagging goals in no time.

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