Magnum Quest Codes - Free Gold and Heroes

Updated January 4, 2022: The Magnum Quest code redemption button has been temporarily taken offline according to the developer. We'll update this list when it's returned or there is more info.

Looking for some Magnum Quest codes? This idle turn-based RPG sees you build a team of heroes and use them to fight through wave after wave of enemies to earn loot. But the further you push, the harder the enemies get, meaning you'll have to level your heroes, give them the best equipment, and even roll to recruit new additions to your party. But all of this requires currency.

That's where Magnum Quest codes come in. These freebies offer in-game rewards such as gold, beryl, and sometimes even a brand-new hero to use, making your party stronger and giving you an edge against your progressively harder opponents.

In this Magnum Quest codes list, we round up every freebie currently available in the game, but also provide info on how to redeem codes and potentially find even more. If you're a regular Magnum Quest player, be sure to bookmark this list and check back, as we'll add new codes whenever they become available.

All Working Magnum Quest Codes

  • arcanecard - 1,000K gold, four large piles of hero scrolls, and ten draw coupons (NEW)
  • thanksgiving - 1,000 dragonshards, four large piles of idle rewards (6 hours), 50 turkey pies
  • fbfan100kgift - 1,000k gold, 20 customise chests of light, four large piles of hero XP scrolls (6 hour), ten draw coupons
  • halloween2021 - four large piles of hero XP scrolls (6 hours), 60 grand souls dice, ten draw coupons, 120 silver soul dice
  • mq123 - Divinity hero Sur, 60 silver soul dice, 300 beryl, and 100k gold
  • mq999 - Ten draw coupons

The follow Magnum Quest codes were checked and confirmed as expired on December 16, 2021.

Expired codes:

  • herovoice - 1,000k gold, four large pile of hero XP scrolls (6 hours), ten draw coupons
  • mqharvest - 300 dragonshard, chest of beryl rewards (24 hours), chest of hero XP scrolls (24 hours), chest of gold rewards (24 hours), ten draw coupons
  • magiclist
  • ilovefather
  • mq61
  • ilovemom
  • woodsburrow
The hero, Sur, in Magnum Quest.
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What Are Magnum Quest Codes?

Magnum Quest codes are free bonuses that the developer, Tuyoo Games, gives away to players. These rewards often contain gold, beryl, silver soul dice, but sometimes even heroes as well, and are released to celebrate in-game events, crossovers, and certain real-world holidays.

If you never want to miss one of these freebies, be sure to check back with this list from time to time.

How Do I Play Magnum Quest?

To play Magnum Quest, you just need to head to the game's Google Play or App Store page, depending on what device you use. Once there, simply tap 'Download' or 'Get,' and when the game is installed, you can jump right into playing. Remember, though, you'll have to complete the first 12 levels in order to use a code or summon new heroes.

Where Do I Redeem My Codes?

The Magnum Quest code redeem button was recently removed from the game. According to a tweet from the developer, it's due to platform policies, and the feature is only temporarily offlined, so will hopefully return before too long, or an alternative will be introduced. In the meantime, check your mail for any rewards.

How Do I Get More Magnum Quest Codes?

As is usual for mobile games, the best places to find more codes are the official social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. These pages will keep you up to do date on everything happening in-game, including events, crossovers, and any rewards you might be able to get from them. Then again, if you can't be bothered, or don't use social media, you can always just check back with this list, as we'll keep it updated whenever a new code is released.

And that's our Magnum Quest codes list. If you're looking for more mobile game freebies, why not try some of our others? We have lists for Punishing: Gray Raven codes, Honkai Impact codes, Top War codes, Raid: Shadow Legends codes, and many more.

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